Event Location:

Stradbroke Swim & Fitness Centre,
Wilby Road,
IP21 5JN

Swim Route:

During the swim you will start by swimming up one side of the first lane and down the other before dipping under the lane rope. You will continue this process until  you reach the far side of the pool and exit the water to move into transition. Click here for a map of the swim route and exit to transition.

Cycle Route:

The bike leg will take you out on a single 17km loop around the gently rolling Suffolk lanes. There will be route signs and marshals in place to guide you as you tick off the kilometres. Clock here for the bike route map.

Run Route: 

The run comprises 2 laps of a route around the playing fields adjacent at Stradbroke Swim & Fitness Centre and the headland of surrounding arable fields. Whilst you are welcome to run around the playing fields at any time,  please be aware that the portion of the route on the arable fields is on private property. We have permission from the land owners for use of this land for the duration of the event only. Please respect the fact that outside of the event there is no permission to access the full run route. A banner displaying the run route will be on display for you to view on the day of the event with route signs and marshals there to guide you also.

For enquiries please contact us as follows: -


Tel: 07799707852